US solar and wind projects stalled in Q2. What happened?

The Auxin Solar tariff investigation and uncertainties around tax incentives tanked progress, according to a new American Clean Power report.

The Tesla Gigafactory while under construction east of Reno, Nevada in March 2015. Panasonic's new EV battery factory slated for construction in Kansas is expected to be of a similar size. (David Calvert/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
(Shel Evergreen/Canary Media) (Shel Evergreen/Canary Media) Graphic: Shel Evergreen / Canary Media

Written by Shel Evergreen. Published by Canary Media Aug. 1, 2022.

Renewable energy deployment must occur at an astounding pace to meet net-zero targets by 2050, but policy tangles, supply-chain vulnerabilities and economic uncertainty contributed to a 25% decline in the rate of clean energy installations in the first half of this year.

That’s according to a new report from the American Clean Power Association, which says the drop in installations is more ​“drastic” when comparing quarters year-over-year. In the second quarter of this year, renewable energy projects beginning construction were down 55% compared to the same quarter last year, while projects in the advanced phase of development — those with agreements in place but not yet under construction — were down 43%...

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