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About me

Work philosophy

I do what I do to help build a more equitable world in which everyone can thrive. I inform everyone by providing accurate, accessible information. I uplift others by centering equity in everything I do. I defy by asking tough questions and having hard conversations in an effort to help dismantle oppressive systems.


MIT student, freelancer, volunteer

Currently, I’m a graduate student at Massachusett’s Institute of Technology (MIT) in their science writing program. I’m working with and learning from some of the most impressive science writers in the world to develop new skills and polish the ones I have. I'm pitching stories to publications and writing for MIT Scope.


I am also a member of the Education Committee for the National Association of Science Writers (NASW), where I help support the mentoring programs provided by the NASW. I have also served as a mentor and editor for science writing students, helping them refine their stories and reach their potential. 


Equity-minded multimedia pro

Before coming to MIT, I worked for the City of Boulder in Colorado, managing the city’s online newsroom, print newsletter, and leading their branding overhaul. In these roles, I wrote and edited stories and provided creative services for graphic design, video production and more. 


While at the city I joined the Racial Equity Core Team to help advance racial equity in city attitudes, action and policy and helped develop, then visually design the city's first-ever Racial Equity Plan. I was also on the Equity Recovery Team, working to ensure Boulder community recovers equitably from the COVID-19 public health crisis. This lens impacted every aspect of my work for the city, leading me to constantly ask, “How can we better serve the historically underserved?”

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